bleddy, adjective and & adverb

Also bleddie.
Afrikaans, EnglishShow more Afrikaans bleddie, from English bloody; see also blerry.
This orthography is generally used to represent the pronunciation of Afrikaans-speakers, as is blerry; bladdy is the form most often used to represent the pronunciation of English-speakers.
A. adjective blerry adjective.
1963 A.M. Louw 20 Days 173The Coloured girl fell back screaming and swearing: ‘You bleddie witvrou!’
[1972 Sunday Times 12 Mar. 17An Afrikaner stopped and spat in her face and said: ‘Jou bleddie koelie’ (You bloody coolie).]
1973 Cape Times 27 Jan. (Weekend Mag.) 3Othello is a Cape Coloured and Desdemona his ‘bleddy white bitch’.
1989 E. Abrahams in Sunday Times 19 Feb. 9Mr Poggenpoel could not keep his plan to himself. He told his friends...‘But they are not my friends any longer, the bleddy tattle-tales. They told the nurse what I intended to do.’
1989 J. Hobbs Thoughts in Makeshift Mortuary 314Who do you think I am, a bleddy gigolo?
B. adverb blerry adverb.
1973 J. Cope Alley Cat 30You take what God gave you..? You don’t want to be bleddy white?
1985 J. Thomas in Fair Lady 1 May 20‘Ag siestog Wallaby, that’s now bleddy funny,’ he chortled.
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