blaps, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, blunder.
A blunder or mistake; a mess.
1970 Informant, PietersburgHe made a big blaps of what was once a nice picture.
1979 Sunday Times 8 Apr. 16An Artes Award should be made to the SABC for committing..‘the biggest protocol “blaps” of the year’: Failure to invite Pretoria’s mayor to the awards night.
1985 Sunday Times 17 Nov. (Mag. Sect.) 37Slip of the tongue. Why, oh why, do we make those embarrassing verbal blapses..?
1989 J. Allan in Sunday Times 11 June 4Most of the Household Names walked off the set, shaking their heads in disbelief at the blapses they’d made.
1994 P.S. Walters Informant, GrahamstownI lie awake at night thinking of all the blapses I’ve made during the day.
A blunder or mistake; a mess.

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