blatjang, noun

blaatgham, blatchamShow more Formerly also blaatgham, blatcham, blatchang.
Afrikaans, MalayShow more Afrikaans, from Malay belachan a shrimp and fish condiment.
It is probable that in late 19th century Afrikaans this word still had two meanings: A. Pannevis’s Afskrif van Lys van Afrikaanse Woorde en Uitdrukkings (1880) defines ‘Bladjang’ as being made of dried chillies and stewed dried apricots in vinegar; H.C.V. Leibbrandt’s Het Kaapsch Hollandsch (1882) lists ‘Balachan’ and ‘Blatchong’, both with the same meaning as the Malay belachan; and the Woordelijst van het Transvaalsch Taaleigen (1890) includes ‘Blatjang’, defined as ‘een zeker gerecht’ (a certain dish).
A tangy sauce made of dried fruit (usually apricots) and chillies cooked in vinegar; chutney. Also attributive.
1890 A.G. Hewitt Cape Cookery 86Cape Blatcham. 1 lb. of chillies, 1 table spoonful salt, ½ lb. almonds...Mix all the ingredients and boil in 3 bottles of vinegar to the required consistency.
1891 H.J. Duckitt Hilda’s ‘Where Is It?’ 12‘Blatjang.’ (Malay. Appetising condiment.)
1891 J.P. Legg in Cape Illust. Mag. I. 96The word ‘Blatjang’ no doubt has an Indian origin and the same may be said of ‘Chutney,’ though this can hardly be claimed as an exclusively Cape word.
1902 H.J. Duckitt Hilda’s Diary of Cape Hsekeeper 69Blatjang made this way will keep for a year. I have sent it to England several times, and have had orders for another supply from those who prefer it to chutney.
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 65Blatcham or Blatjang,..A relish made with dried apricots, peaches, quinces, raisins, chillies, vinegar, etc.
1913 D.S.G. Bk of Recipes 52Blaatgham. 1lb. dried apricots boiled to a pulp. 1lb. chillies (ground) [etc.].
1932 S. Afr. Medical Jrnl in Personality 27 Aug., 1970 160 (advt)Mrs Ball’s a variety of the old Cape ‘blatjang’ sauce, prepared from dried fruits and sugar, of a consistency similar to the blatjangs so popular some generations ago.
1947 L.G. Green Tavern of Seas 65Blatjang (the Malay condiment of apricots soaked in vinegar, red chillies and coriander seeds).
1950 H. Gerber Cape Cookery 126Blatjang. Slice 1 onion and dry it in the oven. Then pound it. Boil 1 pound dried apricots until they are soft..add the onions and some chilli powder to make it hot.
1951 S. van H. Tulleken Prac. Cookery Bk 264Blatchang.
1958 A. Jackson Trader on Veld 43Here and there ‘Blatjang’ (a sort of chutney) was made from dried apricots, raisins, curry powder, cloves and other ingredients.
1964 L.G. Green Old Men Say 130I always wander through the home industries section of the Cape Show to examine the many chutneys, atjars and blatjangs set out there.
1975 Weekend Post 20 Sept. (Parade) 14Blatjang, a type of chutney originally made by the Malay slaves, contains peaches, raisins, quinces, dried apricots, vinegar and other ingredients.
1978 Sunday Times 26 Mar. 6Blatjang sauce is made by mixing together fried chopped onions, chopped garlic, chutney, tomato sauce, ketjap, brown sugar and sambal celek.
1988 F. Williams Cape Malay Cookbk 61Malay blatjang is essentially a tangy chilli sauce...This traditional blatjang should not be confused with ordinary chutney.
A tangy sauce made of dried fruit (usually apricots) and chillies cooked in vinegar; chutney. Also attributive.

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