beskuit, noun

Also biskute.
Rusked bun. See also boerebeskuit, commando beskuit (commando sense 1 c), harde beskuit.
a1868 J. Ayliff Jrnl of ‘Harry Hastings’ (1963) 83Very soon a nice clean black girl came out..with basons of smoking coffee and some hard buns, but they called them ‘biskute’.
1938 Star 1 Dec. 12Pannekoeke, braaiwors, melktert, mosbolletjies, beskuit and coffee could be had in plenty and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
1955 A. Delius Young Trav. in S. Afr. 102With tea there was always served either preserved oranges or melon, known as konfyt, or hard, white rusks called beskuit.
1965 C. Van Heyningen Orange Days 70They rode away..with their Mauser rifles slung on their backs and their bandoliers round their chests — their rations, mostly biltong and beskuit, in their saddle-bags.
1977 Sunday Times 24 Apr. (Mag. Sect.) 5Mrs Greyvenstein..used to bake the best beskuit for church bazaars.
1987 E. Badenhorst in Flying Springbok Aug. 22Zola sits quietly warming her hands on a mug of tea and nibbling beskuit in the kitchen.
Rusked bun.
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