bakore, plural noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, bak bowl + ore ears.
Large, protruding ears.
1970 S. Sparks Informant, Fort BeaufortThat poor little boy’s protruding ears are real bakore and he is very self-conscious about it.
1978 Darling 30 Aug. 123And you at the back with the bak ore, quit screeching ‘Change the ref!’ willya.
1985 D. Kramer in Cosmopolitan May 102For two bob one of the Krynauw brothers..would..shave my head with an electric clipper...My bakore then protruded like two lilies from the side of my head and if I blushed they would turn a bright pink and glow in the dark.
1991 A. Shepherd on Radio 5, 8 Feb.I think it’s a guy with incredibly big bakore on the back of a bakkie.
Large, protruding ears.
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