Azanian, adjective and & noun

EnglishShow more Azania + English noun- or adjective-forming suffix -an.
A. adjective
1. Of or pertaining to Azania or its inhabitants.
[1932 E. Waugh Black Mischief (1952) 39Guards, Chiefs and tribesmen of the Azanian Empire. The war is over.]
1968 Afr. Research Bulletin Vol.5 No.6, 1102A member of the revolutionary command of the PAC..had been Portuguese forces in Mozambique...The statement described his death as ‘a tragic the Azanian Revolution.’
1976 Evening Post 18 Oct. 1The demonstrators were members of the ‘ad hoc committee to support the just struggle of the Azanian people.’
1982 C. Butler in Grocott’s Mail 21 May 7A suggestion for next year’s theme. Instead of ‘Happily Haydn’, ‘Melodiously Mendelssohn’ or ‘Ecstatically European’..why not ‘Simply South African’, or ‘Absolutely Azanian’?
1990 R. Malan in Cosmopolitan Apr. 158On the wall is the Azanian flag, the flag that might have been South Africa’s had Biko lived, and BC triumphed.
2. combinations
Azanian People’s Liberation Army, see Apla;
Azanian People’s Organization, see Azapo;
Azanian Students’ Movement, see Azasm;
Azanian Students’ Organization, see Azaso.
B. noun An inhabitant of Azania.
[1970 B. Davidson Old Afr. 195In the hinterland the Azanians were probably Bantu-speaking peoples as well; although this does not settle their racial type.]
1977 Weekend World 17 July 131 (letter)God is on our side...‘Concerned Azanian’, Thaba ’Nchu.
1979 M. Matshoba Call Me Not a Man 96One day we shall all overcome these divisions and live as South Africans. No! As Azanians, because South Africans have been divided for three centuries.
1984 H. Malobela in Drum Jan. 42No right-thinking black, Indian or coloured Azanian can sit down and think that the Nats will one day give us a place in the sun.
1990 Frontline Feb. 18If the ‘doors of learning’ are to be spurned by ‘blacks’ (presumably Azanians), should we infer that ignorance and prejudice..are more in keeping with black aspirations?
Of or pertaining to Azania or its inhabitants.
An inhabitant of Azania.
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