alles sal regkom, phrase

alles sal regt kom, alles zal recht komenShow more Also alles sal regt kom, alles zal recht komen, alles zal recht kommen.
Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, from Dutch alles everything + zal will + recht right + komen come; see also quotation 1913.
‘All will be well’, an optimistic, consolatory, or now often ironical saying. Cf. all will come right (see come sense 1). See also moenie panic (nie) at moenie sense 2, and môre is nog ’n dag (môre sense 2).
1870, 1882 [see come sense 1].
1899 A. Werner Captain of Locusts 99I shall be back by dark..Goodbye: and cheer up — Alles zal regt kom!
1913 J. Brandt Petticoat Commando 147I do believe the Dutch South African saying, ‘Geduld en moed, alles sal reg kom’ (‘Patience and courage, everything will right itself’), is responsible to a great extent for the South African indifference to duty. It was first spoken by President one could have foreseen that the first part..would fall into disuse and be forgotten,..and the second, ‘Alles sal reg kom,’ would be made an excuse for a sort of lazy optimism, by which anything could be justified which comes easiest.
c1929 S. Black in S. Gray Three Plays (1984) 117Cicely..: You see darling, life arranges things properly in the end? Van K. (strong accent): Alles sal reg kom if you only wag ’n bietjie.
1939 S. Cloete Watch for Dawn 20All is explained in my letters and things will come right. Ja, alles sal reg kom, of this I am certain.
1946 V. Pohl Adventures of Boer Family 77The wagon..stopped exactly opposite President Brand’s statue; and as I looked up at it someone quoted the statesman’s famous motto, ‘Alles zal recht komen’.
1959 J. Meiring Candle in Wind 73We all hope things will get better. Maybe they will. Alles sal reg kom, they say.
[1968 G. Croudace Black Rose 57Alles sal reg kom, Emily, as the Dutchmen say. Everything will be all right.]
1973 R. De Villiers in Argus 5 May 12‘Moenie worry nie — alles sal reg kom’ is the mood. The rest of the world, Africa in particular, is in a mess...We..are just fine.
1986 Style Feb. 30101 Reasons for staying in South Africa...14. Alles sal regkom.
1990 P.-D. Uys in Drum Dec.South Africa has..a great and generous population that can make the future work. If only we don’t panic. Alles sal regkom.
‘All will be well’, an optimistic, consolatory, or now often ironical saying.
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