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allemagtig, interjection

α. alamagtig, allamagShow more alamagtig, allamag, allamaghtag, allamagtag, alle maaghte, allemag, allemaghte, allemagtie, allemagtig;
β. alamachtig, allamachShow more alamachtig, allamach, allamachta, allamachtag, allamachte, allamachtig, allemach, allemacht, allemachtag, allemachte, allemachter, allemachtig, almachte, almachtig;
γ. alamatjes, alla mopsticksShow more (Euphemisms) alamatjes, alla mopsticks, alle maskas, allemastig.
Also with initial capital.
Afrikaans, Dutch, Show more Afrikaans allemagtig, allamagtig, earlier Dutch allamachtig, alla oh + magtig mighty; or Afrikaans almagtig, earlier Dutch almachtig almighty.
An exclamation of surprise, alarm, horror, or reproach, equivalent to ‘good Lord’. Cf. allewereld, magtig.
Often used by writers to suggest Afrikaans dialogue.
1837 J.E. Alexander Narr. of Voy. II. 70An old Hottentot sat down..and swore with a round oath (almagtig) that he would not go back.
c1976 H. Flather Thaba Rau 227Trudie burst out laughing. ‘Alamagtig’, she exclaimed, ‘What a thing to say!’
1853 W.R. King Campaigning in Kaffirland 291Dutchmen flocked round..drawling out the constant exclamation Allamachtig! Allamachtig!
1935 P. Smith Platkops Children 67‘Allamachta!’ ‘Tisje said, ‘If it isn’ Bram Laata! Grayshus sake! Get into bed!’
1913 C. Pettman Africanderisms 26Alamagtig, (D. almachtig, almighty.) A common expletive. Alamatjes, Alamastig, Alamopsticks, are forms of the word employed by those who have scruples about using the word Almagtig, and salve their consciences by these variations.
1970 N. Conway Informant, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)Alle maskas for Alle Magtig.
An exclamation of surprise, alarm, horror, or reproach, equivalent to ‘good Lord’.

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