Thirstland, noun phrase

Also with small initial.
AfrikaansShow more Translation of Afrikaans Dorsland, see Dorsland.
1. Any large arid area or desert; Thirst sense b. Also figurative.
1892 Nicolls & Eglington Sportsman in S. Afr. 22The chief drawback attending the hunting of the Giraffe, Eland, and Gemsbuck is the difficulty of watering the shooting horses regularly in the thirst-lands frequented by these animals.
1908 J. Wells Stewart of Lovedale 182Stewart skirted without crossing the Karoo and great Thirstland of unbelief.
1978 A.P. Brink Rumours of Rain 130On the few excruciating expeditions into the thirstland we found some melon-like objects, but we were too scared to try them in case they were poisonous.
1985 S. Afr. Panorama Oct. 41Oases are found in deserts or semi-deserts, so where is the basic fertility of this vast thirstland (sc. the Karoo)?
1989 Sunday Times 5 Nov. 22Namibia is not the sort of territory that lends itself to social engineering...From Ondangua in the north to Warmbad in the south, it is one of the most bleak and inhospitable pieces of real estate in the world...Grand election promises and high sounding ideologies do not wash in the thirstland.
2. In historical contexts. Attributive and in combinations :
Thirstland Boer or Thirstland pioneer, Dorsland trekker (see Dorsland);
Thirstland Trek, Dorsland Trek (see Dorsland);
Thirstland Trekker, Dorsland Trekker (see Dorsland).
1936 E. Rosenthal Old-Time Survivals 23For persons wishing to to study the pioneer in his least ‘modernised’ environment, a visit to the descendants of the ‘Thirstland Boers’ can be recommended.
1936 L.G. Green Secret Afr. 106In his youth Oorlog joined the Boers, the famous Thirstland trekkers, who opened up the hinterland of Angola last century.
1945 N. Devitt People & Places 104It is the duty of posterity not to forget these Thirstland pioneers who are busy turning the Kalahari into a livable area.
1961 O. Levinson Ageless Land 101Boers first entered South West towards the end of the eighteen-seventies. These were the people of the ill-fated Thirstland Trek. They had left their well-established homes in the Western Transvaal, to cross the Kalahari Thirstland and the fever marshes of the Okavango, trekking westward in their search for the ‘Land of Rest’.
1961 L.E. Van Onselen Trekboer 39Uncle Andries asked me a number of times about people who lived ‘north of her’...It dawned on me eventually that he was referring to the thirst-land trekkers who crossed the Kalahari.
1966 J.P. van S. Bruwer S.W. Afr.: Disputed Land 29During the second half of the 19th century a group of people called the Thirstland Trekkers left the Transvaal..and moved north through Bechuanaland.
1974 E. Prov. Herald 5 Nov.A four-cent postage stamp to commemorate the Thirstland (Dorsland) Trek, which began 100 years ago from the Transvaal..will be issued in South West Africa on November 13.
1976 Cubitt & Richter South WestYears ago that incorrigible Afrikaner band of Thirstland Trekkers settled temporarily in their endless search for Utopia.
1979 Scope July 26My father...was known as Thomas Thom, having adopted the name of the family he was trekking with during the great Thirstland Trek.
1987 D. Haarhoff in Eng. Academy Rev. Vol.4 27Oorlog was connected to the black van der Merwe’s who accompanied the Thirstland trekkers into Angola.
Any large arid area or desert; Thirstb. Also figurative.
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