BCM, noun

Initial letters of Black Consciousness Movement.
Black Consciousness sense 2. Also attributive.
1987 New Nation 10 Sept. 7BCM had to face the brunt of persecution in the seventies. It was never a planned and developed political organisation, never a substitute for the ANC or the PAC. Rather it was an association of like-minded people.
1990 City Press 17 June 11The PAC, BCM and Azapo could unite, but not with the ANC because it is not ready to throw away the Freedom Charter.
1990 M. Tyala in Sunday Times 12 Aug. 2With the advent of such new players as the UDF, black youth parted ways. Some remained with the more militant BCM while others joined the ranks of the then banned ANC through surrogate organisations.
1991 Frontline May 17BC students found themselves subsidising Charterist activities. The inverse, however, did not hold, thanks to the university’s non-recognition of the BCM.
1994 T. Grundy on Radio South Africa 27 July (Radio Today)There are still 52 BCM members in so-called exile in Zimbabwe.
Black Consciousness2. Also attributive.
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