BC, noun

Also B.C.
Initial letters of Black Consciousness.
Black Consciousness sense 1. Also attributive.
1981 S. Sepamla in Staffrider Vol.4 No.3, 43Some of these critics are BC adherents. It appears they have not understood the meaning of black consciousness...It is the man in the street — how he understands BC — that I feel we must listen to.
1982 Voice 25 Apr. 4 (letter)Why BC excludes Whites...My dear brother has confused B.C. with Liberalism.
1983 A. Mokoena in Rand Daily Mail 14 Sept. 7It was never intended to lead people down the cul de sac of racial exclusivism...The recent interpretation of BC..smacks of revisionism. They have revised the original idea of BC that South Africa belonged to everyone, black or white, and now say it belongs to blacks only.
1984 M. ka Myeza in Frontline Mar. 38Meshack Mabogoane raised the long dormant head of Africanism, in a critique of Black Consciousness and of BC’s standard-bearer AZAPO.
1985 N. Goniwe in Weekly Mail 20 Dec. 10 (letter)I won’t say anything about his portfolio within the BC movement.
1987 F. Krüger in Weekly Mail 12 June 30The headstone..proclaims the BC slogan: ‘One Azania One Nation.’
1988 Frontline Oct. 31BC and Africanists have needed each other to survive at all against the non-racial Cosatu giant.
1990 R. Malan My Traitor’s Heart 247BC supporters have been attacked on the street and expelled from schools...Members of the BC youth movement have been abducted and murdered.
1991 Frontline May 17A culture of intolerance then developed...There are a number of recorded incidents of violence against BC exponents by Charterists on campuses.
Black Consciousness1. Also attributive.
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