woes, adjective

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, wild, savage, angry.
Of people: angry. Of natural surroundings: wild.
1975 Blossom in Darling 28 May 95The crawl home is one big happy jol...The only woes faces is those what’s hung over.
1976 Blossom in Darling 4 Feb. 87Hang but I’m only woes too. Jis because you live at home the old tops think they got a right to run yore life for you.
1983 Sunday Times 12 June 38Jan P— has Witbank woes after ‘not watching’ his Currie Cup champions being shovelled out of the Lion Cup.
1988 K. De Boer in Frontline Jan. 28The historic voyage of Bartholmeo Diaz around the Cape that was woes en leeg (except for a couple of hundred thousand people of local colour and a million or so head of game..).
1992 Radio 5, 22 Dec.He was helluva woes.
angry. Of natural surroundings: wild.
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