wing, noun

A feather from the wing of an ostrich. See also feather sense a, femina, onderbaatjie, prime.
c1881 A. Douglass Ostrich Farming 80Whilst plucking, the cocks’ wings, the hens’ wings..have been kept separate.
1902 Agric. Jrnl of Cape of G.H. XX. 721Wings £0.0.6d — £0.1s.0.
1930 M.F. Wormser Ostrich Indust. in S. Afr. 14Feathers would be sold on a basis of £5 per lb. for fair average wings, and 15/- per lb. for average body feathers.
1956 P.J. Botha in F. Goldie Ostrich Country (1968) 56There is always the hope that wings will again one day find a price level commensurate with their importance in the eyes of the breeder.
A feather from the wing of an ostrich.
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