White French, noun phrase

Also with small initials. French grape. Also attributive.
c1911 P.D. Hahn in S. Playne Cape Col. 174Many vineyards with Pontac, red and white Muscatel, Haanepot, and Frontignac have been replanted with Hermitage, Cabernet de Sauvignon, white French, and Green Grape.
1988 D. Hughes et al. Complete Bk of S. Afr. Wine 97Palomino, or White French..one of the oldest known to have been grown at the Cape. In the local vineyards it was traditionally known as White French, or Fransdruif, but was identified by Perold in 1926 not with a French grape but with one of the famous sherry cultivars of Spain, Palomino Fino.
French grape. Also attributive.
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