varkpan, noun

varkpans, varkpanne /ˈfarkpanə/.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, vark pig + pan dish, pan.
army slang
A compartmentalized metal meal-tray, used in army canteens.
1971 Informant, GrahamstownVarkpan. Tin pan divided into compartments, in which the troops get their food.
1975 Scope 10 Jan. 76OK, so you’ve finished complaining about the chow..polishing your area, washing your varkpan.
1975 J.H. Picard in Eng. Usage in Sn Afr. Vol.6 No.1, 36A tin trunk is a trommel and the mess tray or ‘dixy’ is a varkpan.
1979 W. Steenkamp in Cape Times 5 May 7Rifleman Snooks says as he lines up with his ‘varkpan’ to get his graze: Go for it, man, go for it.
1984 Fair Lady 14 Nov. 136The troops line up outside their canteens, ‘varkpan’ and ‘pikstels’ in hand and queue to help themselves.
1986 De Villiers in Uniform 16 June 1They were divided into platoons, got up before daybreak, stood in queues to get food, ate out of ‘varkpanne’; and jumped when the instructors spoke.
A compartmentalized metal meal-tray, used in army canteens.
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