tebello, noun

TswanaShow more From Tswana tebeló a watching.
Among speakers of the Sintu (Bantu) languages: a wake. Also attributive.
1963 B. Modisane Blame Me on Hist. (1986) 28They sat around the room in a circle, night and day, and sang through the requiem hymnals, the sad songs of the tebello, the wake, which most of the mourners knew off by heart.
1974 Drum 8 July 58He tells me that it is Friday which is a big day for tebellos in this man’s town. Now he tells me he is sad on account none of his tebello contacts has got in touch with him to tell him at what place a tebello will be taking place.
1985 Voice 1 Apr. 2Next time you want to..hold a ‘tebello’..better have a quiet friendly word with your neighbour first.
a wake. Also attributive.

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