suurpootjie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, suur sour + poot foot + -ie.
The geometric tortoise, Psammobates geometricus. Also attributive.
1977 Cape Times 17 Jan. 8The rarest tortoise in mainland Africa is the geometric tortoise of the south-west Cape...The suurpootjie, as it is more commonly called, is about 150 mm long, and each scale is marked with yellow stripes on a black background.
1978 Dept of Nature & Environmental Conservation: Director’s Report No. 34 38Eensaamheid Tortoise Reserve. This reserve was established to protect the suurpootjie (geometric) tortoise’s habitat against further inroads by agricultural operations.
1985 S. Afr. Panorama Mar. 48The geometric tortoise, Psammobates geometricus, often referred to as the suurpootjie, kransie or sterretjie-skilpad by local farmers, has the smallest distribution range of all the species confined to the restricted winter rainfall region of the south-western Cape Province.
The geometric tortoise, Psammobates geometricus. Also attributive.
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