straightrun, noun

In full straightrun mealie-meal: unrefined, coarsely ground maize meal.
1968 Farmer’s Weekly 3 Jan. 89Yellow Crushed Maize at R3.99. White Straightrun Mealie-meal R3.49 per 180lb. bag.
1972 Fair Lady 19 Apr. 11Recently, the Maize Board brought out a book..which has several appetising recipes for straight-run mealie meal, their name for unrefined mealie meal.
1994 N.J.D. Grue Informant, GrahamstownA stabled horse would get lucerne (or teff), and then (three times a day) 1 kg straightrun, 1 kg bran, germ meal, bone meal, coarse salt — all mixed with water...Straightrun is a high carbohydrate feed. You ask for it at the Roller Mills.
unrefined, coarsely ground maize meal.
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