soustannie, noun

AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, literally ‘sauce-auntie’, sous sauce + tannie ‘auntie’.
A derogatory name for a fat (Afrikaans) woman. See also tannie.
1970 M. Bennett Informant, KrugersdorpSoustannie. Fat woman.
1989 M. Locher Informant, PietermaritzburgWe used to tease him at school that he’d one day land up with a real fat Afrikaans soustannie. Well, true’s Bob, that’s exactly what he married now.
1989 K. De Boer in Frontline May 38That grande dame of Afrikaans journalism (and definitely not a soustannie).
A derogatory name for a fat (Afrikaans) woman.
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