slaap, verb intransitive

Dutch, AfrikaansShow more Dutch, slaap sleep + gerust peacefully; the modern Afrikaans form is slaap gerus:
In the phrase slaap gerust /- xəˈrəst/.
A good-night greeting, ‘sleep well’.
1829 C. Rose Four Yrs in Sn Afr. 257Having completed our supper, were shown to our room, where Hendrick left us with the wish slaap-gerust — sound sleep.
1908 F.C. Slater Sunburnt South 25Well, goodnight, slaap gerust.
1910 D. Fairbridge That Which Hath Been (1913) 240Slaap gerust. If you want a zoopje there is Van der Hum on the table yonder and a bottle of old dop.
1951 H. Davies Great S. Afr. Christians 7At the conclusion of the service each person shook his neighbour’s hand and said, Slaap gerust!
A good-night greeting, ‘sleep well’.
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