skedonk, noun

sgodongo, skdonkShow more Also sgodongo, skdonk, skiedonk.
Unknown; probably echoic (see quotation 1994); perhaps from a Sintu (Bantu) language.
1970 M. Wolfaardt Informant, StilfonteinThat car is a real skdonk.
1987 Style Mar. 84I can’t start the car. It is an all-weather skedonk, a crock around the clock, a lemon for all seasons.
1990 P. Mantzel Informant, PietermaritzburgThis guy comes along on a real skedonk of a bicycle.
1991 J. Warden in Sunday Times 28 July (Motoring) 3Everybody just has to park in the street, whether it is a Rolls-Royce or a skedonk.
1992 M.D. Prentice Informant, DurbanSkedonk. Old car.
1992 M-Net TV 12 June (Egoli)‘I don’t have a car.’ ‘Don’t worry, my skedonk is quite willing and able.’
1993 S. Goodwin in Weekend Post 14 Aug. 2Nobody wants to insure a student’s skedonk or mom’s taxi. The risks are too high and the premiums too low.
1994 Sunday Times 1 May 15Isikorokoro: What we’ll all be driving if car prices continue to escalate, battered heaps also known as sgodongo — both words mimic the sound of engines failing to start.
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