Senior Counsel, noun phrase

Also with small initials.
modern Latin
SC; also used with a name, as a title.
1978 A.P. Brink Rumours of Rain 107He’d been elevated to Senior Counsel (no doubt in recompense for his performance in that particular case).
1984 Daily Dispatch 20 Jan. 1Mr M.Z. Ngoqo, the presiding magistrate,..said Mr Kirk had informed him he intended briefing Senior Counsel on the matter.
1987 G. Davis in Weekly Mail 11 Sept. 3Senior counsel L. D—, appearing for the displaced squatters, argued yesterday that it was every citizen’s fundamental right under common law to have a say in his or her government.
1988 Cape Times 31 Aug. 9Senior Counsel Mr J. S— was submitting argument on behalf on the SA State President in an application challenging the validity of a certificate issued in terms of Section 103 of the Defence Act.
SC; also used with a name, as a title.
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