SADF, noun

Also S.A.D.F.
Initial letters of South African Defence Force.
The collective name of the armed forces or their personnel. Also attributive. See also Defence Force, and note at that entry.
[1957 Act 44 in Stat. of Union 530The South African Defence Force shall consist of — (a) the Permanent Force; (b) the Citizen Force; and (c) Commandos.]
1971 Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. III. 601The subdivided into the South African Army, the South African Air Force and the South African Navy, known as the Arms of the Force.
1979 S. Afr. 1979: Off. Yrbk (Info. Service of S. Afr.) 328Non-Whites are not liable for compulsory military service but are employed in the SADF on a voluntary basis.
1984 Daily Dispatch 9 Oct. 1The Minister of Law and Order..announced last week that SADF forces would be used in a support role for the police in the black townships as a ‘rationalisation’ measure.
1987 F. Van Zyl Slabbert in Leadership Vol.6 No.3, 22Riot and unrest led to the SADF moving from the ‘border’ into the townships supporting the police on a continual basis. The distinction between Police and Army became blurred and the role of the latter totally politicised.
1988 E. McDonald in S. Afr. Panorama May 8Armscor supplies the SADF with almost 150 different types of ammunition, which vary from small hand rifles to enormous aircraft bombs.
1991 H. Grange in Star 1 Nov. 5Failing to respond to call-up instructions has become an increasing problem for the SA Defence Force, according to SADF spokesmen.
1993 C. Khan in Africa S. & E. Mar. 17There is a very strong feeling among senior SADF officers..that in a future defence force the core will be the SADF, with all other armed forces..being absorbed into it.
1994 J. Contreras in Newsweek 7 Nov. 14Most of the instructors are former members of the South African Defense Force (SADF) who fought alongside UNITA guerrillas.
The collective name of the armed forces or their personnel. Also attributive.

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