sadza, noun

sadze, sudsaShow more Also sadze, sudsa, sudza.
Rhodesian English, ShonaShow more Rhodesian (now Zimbabwean) English, from Shona.
stywe pap.
1949 C. Bullock Rina 224Tell the carriers to clear out a sleeping-place for us in the big ‘house’; then they can make their own camp and cook their sadza.
1950 Cape Times 3 June (Weekend Mag.) 2Manaas had gorged himself with sadza and his little stomach was distended.
1962 F.C. Metrowich Scotty Smith 219He told the driver to ask the Bushman if he would like some ‘sadza’. This was a very stodgy mealie-meal porridge and there was a large three-legged pot of it.
1968 L.G. Green Full Many Glorious Morning 170Of course the great indispensable food of Rhodesia is sadza. You don’t know sadza? Maize, the kernel you had in your soup tonight.
1970 Forum Vol.6 No.2, 44Better still was dipping balls of steaming grey sadza which you had rolled in one hand, (it had to be one hand to keep the other free) into a pot of gravy and meat.
1987 Weekly Mail 23 Oct. 19In 1966 John Omer-Cooper published The Zulu Aftermath,..a seminal work for its time, demonstrating to a prejudiced and complacent academic community that black South Africa did have a history of their own, and that they did not spend all the years before Van Riebeeck sitting around, eating sadza, and waiting for the whites to arrive.
1990 E. Foster in E. Prov. Herald 14 Sept. the local staple food. It is rather like a cross between wallpaper paste and playdough.
stywe pap.
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