red-blanketed, participial adjective

See red blanket.
red adjective sense 2 b.
1894 E. Glanville Fair Colonist 89A red-blanketed Kaffir squatted near the back door, and two native women, bare to the waist, sat near at hand.
1912 F. Bancroft Veldt Dwellers 13Jonas..prided himself upon being a ‘church-boy’ — a peg higher in the social scale of a red-blanketed barbarian.
1947 F.C. Slater Sel. Poems 29The red-blanketed heathen..killed the fattest ox and prepared a feast for the witch-doctor.
1955 J.B. Shephard Land of Tikoloshe 4Mbongo’s patients were nearly all red-blanketed Africans, that is to say, pagans.
1970 G. Westwood Bright Wilderness 91Small groups of Africans..were walking into town to do their shopping. They were the ‘Pagan’ kind, the red blanketed Africans.
1972 Daily Dispatch 8 Jan. 12It is only the red blanketed Bantu who have not yet been spoiled by the White man’s kind of worship who know and preach that only Qamata is their true God.
redadjective2 b.

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