R, noun1

The written abbreviation of rand sense 3 a.
1959 Act 61 in Stat. of Union 702The coinage units of the Union shall..be the rand (abbreviated as R) and the cent (abbreviated as c).
1965 S. Afr. in Sixties (S. Afr. Foundation) 17South Africa’s Net National Income: Total at 1948 prices (mil. R).
1967 E. Rosenthal Encycl. of Sn Afr. 413The word ‘Rand’ is derived from ‘Witwatersrand’, to emphasise its gold backing. The abbreviation is R (singular and plural) written before the numeral.
c1970 C. Desmond Discarded People 30At Limehill they were given a plot, 50 yards by 50 yards, for which they pay R1 a year.
1993 Weekend Argus 15 May 9The replacement value of the bungalow only was ‘conservatively’ estimated at R400 000.
The written abbreviation of rand3 a.
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