plak, verb

1. intransitive. nonce. To paint, plaster.
1966 I. Vaughan These Were my Yesterdays 25He found a huge hole had burst open in his silk stocking. No time to get another or mend. What did you do I asked...Says, ‘Well my girl..I just plakked all over the hole in my leg with ink.’
2. transitive. To paste, stick, or glue (paper or any other material).
1970 M. Van Deventer Informant, PietersburgJust plak the two slices of bread together with butter.
1971 P. Freedman The Traffic Cop’. (lyrics)First I scribbles out a ticket Tears it quickly out and lick it Then I plaks it on the car with all my might.
To paint, plaster.
To paste, stick, or glue (paper or any other material).
So plakking verbal noun.
1946 T. Macdonald Ouma Smuts 8Through the years her children would hear her saying: ‘I must get on with the “plakking”’(that is Afrikaans for pasting in cuttings).
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