piepiejoller, noun

Also pipijoller, pippie-joller.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, piepie (not in polite use) penis + joller a merry-maker.
An adolescent.
1977 C. Hope in S. Gray Theatre Two (1981) 50It was only a bunch of piepiejollers..dicing round the garden.
1986 H. Prendini in Style May 43Heaven is..the only young club that isn’t gay (except on Fridays) and a piepiejollers hangout. Piepiejoller is a word that crops up often among the over-15s and seems to refer to anyone under 15. The opposite end of the scale are the main manne, South African version of big deal.
1988 C. Hope in SA in Poësie/SA in Poetry 545He disappears into the ladies’ bars..And sits with the moffies and piepiejollers and primps his nice long hair.
1989 G. Gill in Sunday Times 24 Dec. 23Gwen Gill’s A-to-Z of the decade:..Packing for Perth..Prince, piepie jollers, the Pope’s unexpected visit, potjiekos.
1991 D. Boswell Informant, Giyani (N. Tvl)Piepiejoller (also PJ), an adolescent; a youngster; someone still ‘wet behind the ears’.
1991 G. De Beer Informant, Port Nolloth (N. Cape)I don’t like that club anymore: the teeny boppers and pipijollers have taken it over.
1993 A.L. Haycock Informant, GrahamstownThe..disco..has toned down. I am not sure whether it has closed for the evening (Pippie-jollers’ bed-time) or whether they are just having a smoke break.
An adolescent.
Hence (nonce) the back-formation piepiejol noun, see quotation.
1989 M. Brand in Fair Lady 25 Oct. 92Piepiejol, joint where the young hang out.
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