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padda, noun

pada, parraShow more Also pada, parra, podder.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, toad, frog.
a. A frog. Also attributive.
1897 E. Glanville Tales from Veld 241‘It sounds like treacle,’ said Abe with a puzzled look; ‘but I don’t see what the podder’s got to do with it, anyhow.’
1992 A.A. Ferrar in Afr. Wildlife Vol.46 No.4, 151An artificial wetland treating the college’s effluent had fooled a goliath heron into dropping in for an early morning padda patrol.
b. combinations
paddabos /-bɔs/ [Afrikaans, bos bush], the shrub Cliffortia polygonifolia of the Rosaceae ;
paddaklou or paddaklauw [Afrikaans, klou (earlier Dutch klauw) claw, paw], the shrub Teucrium africanum of the Labiatae;
padda slym /-sleɪm/ or padda slime [Afrikaans, slym (earlier Dutch slijm)], any of several species of fresh water algae, spirogyra, or duckweed;
paddaslyk /-sleɪk/ [Afrikaans, slyk slush, slime], the skin formed on hot milk;
paddawater /-vɑːtə(r)/ [Afrikaans, water water], a pool of stagnant water.
1973 M.R. Levyns in Std Encycl. of Sn Afr. VIII. 425Paddabos, (Cliffortia polygonifolia). Erect, hairy shrub belonging to the family Rosaceae.
1912 S. Afr. Agric. Jrnl July 46 (Pettman)Water of whatever description, river or rain (so-called paddawaterjes), could not be responsible for the disease.
c. With qualifying word:
donder padda, see as a main entry;
reen-padda /ˈriən-/, also (formerly) regen-padda, [Afrikaans, reën (earlier Dutch regen) rain], donder padda sense b.
1905 W.L. Sclater in Flint & Gilchrist Science in S. Afr. 149The commonest representative of the curious digging family Engystomatidae is Breviceps gibbosus, commonly known as the ‘regen padda.’ It is the most comical little figure imaginable, with its globular body, very short stout legs and blunt little face hardly projecting beyond the general rotund outline.
1937 Guide to Vertebrate Fauna of E. Cape Prov. (Albany Museum) II.Index, Reen Padda=Breviceps.
2. obsolete. [See Thompson quotation 1913.] Any of several species of angler-fish, a marine fish of the Lophiidae.
[1900 J.D.F. Gilchrist Hist. of Local Names of Cape Fish 219 (Pettman)Known in several places in the Colony as the Paddy, and in others as the Devil fish.]
1913 W.W. Thompson Sea Fisheries of Cape Col. 59 (Swart)We can easily see how the froglike body and expansive mouth of the padda (fishing-frog) should be responsible for the designation bestowed.
A frog. Also attributive.
, the shrub Cliffortia polygonifolia of the Rosaceae
Any of several species of angler-fish, a marine fish of the Lophiidae.

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