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Northern SothoShow more Northern Sotho (interjection and noun).
Especially among Sotho-speakers:
A. adjective [fr. N. Sotho n.] Unpleasant.
1974 Drum 22 Sept. 10Everything is nxa — then somebody says something.
B. interjection An exclamation of disgust, displeasure, or discord.
1979 M. Matshoba Call Me Not a Man 75On their way home that evening Martha had told Monde about the arrangements. ‘Nxa!’ ‘What’s it, love?’ Monde had asked with a ring of concern in his voice.
C. noun Disagreement, friction.
1980 Voice 29 Oct. 2South Africa..was a world model of how different groups could live together without a ‘nxa’. This much she was going to tell to her countrymen when she returned home.
An exclamation of disgust, displeasure, or discord.
Disagreement, friction.
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