National Suicide, noun phrase

Also with small initial(s).
In full National Suicide of the AmaXhosa: cattle-killing.
See Peires quotation 1989.
a1874 J.W. Appleyard War of Axe (1971) 119This Armageddon resulted in the death of displacement through famine of about a third of all the tribes west of the Fish River. This is what we knew as the Cattle Killing or national Suicide of the Ama-Xosa.
1971 J. Meintjes Sandile 16The great cattle-killing delusion..caused the national sucide of the ama-Xhosa.
1971 J. Meintjes Sandile 249 (chapter heading)National Suicide.
1989 R. Finlayson Changing Face of isiXhosa. (Unpubl. thesis, Unisa) 3A tragic event which is purported to have had an influence on written Xhosa was the so-called National Suicide which took place in 1857.
1989 J.B. Peires Dead Will Arise p.xI nowhere use the well-known term, ‘The National Suicide of the Xhosa’. The Nongqawuse catastrophe was as much a murder as it was a suicide. Probably, it was a little bit of both.
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