moes, noun

/mʊs/, /mus/
a. A fruit or vegetable puree.
1934 C.P. Swart Supplement to Pettman. 119Moes, A kind of purée peculiar to South Africa.
b. With defining word:
pumpkin moes [partial translation of Afrikaans pampoenmoes], pampoenmoes (see pampoen sense 1 b).
1951 S. van H. Tulleken Prac. Cookery Bk 196Pumpkin ‘Moes’ (as a Vegetable). Dice pumpkin, and place a layer in a saucepan, then a layer of bread broken in small pieces, pinch salt, 1 spoon sugar, and dot some butter over, and a few pieces of whole cinnamon broken up.
A fruit or vegetable puree.
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