miltsiek, adjective and & noun

Also miltziek.
Shortening (as noun) and back-formation (as adjective) of miltsiekte.
A. adjective obs. Infected with miltsiekte.
1885 A. Smith Contrib. to S. Afr. Materia Medica 9Antibacterial plants used with milt ziek meat.
1885 A. Smith Contrib. to S. Afr. Materia Medica 16To disinfect milt ziek meat they either boil the leaves with the meat, or..they..make an infusion..which they drink along with the meat.
B. noun ?obsolescent miltsiekte.
1937 H.C. Bosman Mafeking Rd (1969) 165A young man had no chance, really, in the Marico. What with the droughts, and the cattle getting the miltsiek, and the mosquitoes buzzing around so that you couldn’t sleep.
1959 Cape Times 12 Mar. 2Miltsiek has broken out in certain areas in the Bushmanland.
Infected with miltsiekte.
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