methi, noun

methee, metiShow more Also methee, meti, mettie.
Hindi, UrduShow more Hindi and Urdu.
Especially among South Africans of Indian descent: fenugreek. Also attributive.
1950 H. Gerber Cape Cookery 126Fenugreek is obtainable in Indian shops under the name of meti.
1961 Z. Mayat Indian Delights 134Pumpkin Curry...¼ tsp methi seed (fenugreek) salt to taste 1 cup water.
1977 Fair Lady 20 July (advt)Methee, Turmeric, Fennel [etc.].
1980 Argus 28 Aug. 3Three large onions if a kilo of fish is to be curried and sunflower oil is used — to which half a teaspoon of mettie (fenugreek) is added when the oil is hot.
1985 T. Shabalala in Drum Sept. 704 bay leaves 1 teaspoon mustard seeds 1 teaspoon methi (fenugreek) seeds 1 teaspoon jheera (cumin seeds).
fenugreek. Also attributive.
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