mantshingilane, noun

mantshingelane, mantshingelaniShow more Also mantshingelane, mantshingelani, matshingilane, umantshingelani, and with initial capital.
ZuluShow more Zulu umantshingelana (plural omantshingelana).
Especially among speakers of Sintu (Bantu) languages: a night watchman or security guard.
a1968 D.C. Themba in E. Patel World of Can Themba (1985) 72An old Zulu, clad in a greenish-khaki military overcoat, huddling over a glowing brazier. He was the matshingilane — the nightwatchman.
1980 M. Mutloatse Forced Landing 1The part the black writer has to play is rather demanding..jack of all trades — and a master of all! He has to be a tradesman..psychologist..mantshingelane, tshotsa, teacher..visionary, imbongi and — above all — oral historian.
1982 M. Mzamane Children of Soweto 108Rathebe had once applied for guns for all his petrol attendants plus his nightwatchman, but a licence had been granted for only one. Even the Zulu mantshingilane had to rely on his knobkierie and assegai.
1983 Frontline May 39Labour order: ‘Three garden boys, six bricklayers, two painters, three mantshingilanes, one teaboy, two floor-cleaners, eight street-sweepers and a dozen night-soil and ash collectors,’ is made.
1983 Pace Dec. 114A new breed of watchmen. The time-honoured image of the stubborn old matshingilane is on the way out. The new breed of security guard are tough, ruthlessly efficient men.
1983 Pace Dec. 117The new breed of matshingilanes — security guards to be correct — are trained at the highest level to guard what are called National Key Points against saboteurs, and to kill if need be in the discharge of their duties.
1989 O. Musi in City Press 7 May 14Did I hear you ask how a mantshingilane like Mkhize came to be advancing the cause of science when he should have been standing at the factory gates with his knobkerrie and an unfriendly look; ready to repel unwanted guests.
1993 L. Madikane in Weekly Mail & Guardian 22 Oct. 17Multitudes of Mantshingilanes, ‘daga-boys’, ‘baas-boys’, ‘garden boys’, and ‘kitchen maids’..traditionally make the only visible ‘black’ input into the economy.
a night watchman or security guard.

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