mala mogodu, noun phrase

Also mala le mogodu.
SothoShow more Sotho, mala intestines + mogodu (see mogodu).
a1978 K.M.C. Motsisi in M. Mutloatse Casey & Co. (1978) 69I must have a manly slug of the waters of immortality to feel for favourite diet of pap and mala le mogodu [chitterlings] liberally spiced with mixed masala or chillies. Yum.
1977 World 23 Sept. 19I missed little things which I took for granted when I was still in South Africa. I longed for ‘mala le mogodu’ and walking down the dusty streets of the townships.
1986 M. Masipa in Pace May (Queen) 25Here under the open sky her business is booming. Mandawo has been selling ‘mala mogodu’ since 1975.
1987 Learn & Teach No.3, 45Hey! My malamogodu’s gone! Okay, who’s the thief?
1988 Learn & Teach No.1, 9The pavement is buzzing. It’s alive. A woman is frying mala mogodu on a dustbin lid.
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