Malalapipe, noun

Also with small initial.
unchanged, or Malalapipes.
Zulu, EnglishShow more Adaptation of Zulu umalalepayipini tramp, homeless child (plural omalalepayipini), uma- one who + lala sleeps + epayipini in a drain (locative prefix e- + ipayipi drain, pipe, adaptation of English pipe).
In urban (especially township) English: stroller. Also attributive.
[1962 K.M.C. Motsisi in M. Mutloatse Casey & Co. (1978) 44Sis Curls simply doesn’t like my guts. Just on account of this pal of mine called Kid Malalapipe — which means a guy of no fixed abode.]
1973 M. Dikobe in New African 4 June, 1990 13The skokiaan enabled the men to fight more bravely...They knew marabi as a dance party for persons of a ‘low type’ and for ‘malalapipe’ homeless ruffian children.
1986 E. Nkosi in Pace May 32They call themselves the ‘Malalapipes’, these kids. Look in any South African city and you’ll find them, living rough, sniffing glue and smoking dope. At night they sleep in derelict buildings, or in abandoned cars, or even in dustbins.
stroller. Also attributive.
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