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liberal, noun and adjective

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As a term of abuse:
A. noun liberalist noun.
1939 R.F.A. Hoernlé S. Afr. Native Policy & Liberal Spirit p.viiTo plead for fuller knowledge, or for more humane consideration, of non-European needs and interests, is to earn..the title of ‘negrophile,’ kafir-boetie, or — most scathing of all — ‘liberal’.
1981 A. Paton Ah, but your Land is Beautiful 71It is hard to describe the detestation in which the words liberal, liberalism, and liberalist are held in white Pretoria. Liberalism denotes moral looseness and degeneracy. White liberals are people who will hop into bed with blacks at the drop of a hat.
B. adjective liberalist adjective.
1943 J. Burger Black Man’s Burden 238Anyone who advocates non-European rights is dubbed ‘liberal’ or ‘negrophilist’ by the Nationalists.
1958 A. Paton Hope for S. Afr. 7Further, the word ‘liberal’ has for the white enemies of South African Liberalism another meaning; it shares this further meaning with the words ‘liberalist’ and ‘liberalistic’. This meaning is derogatory and carries the stigma of ‘loose’, ‘careless’, ‘promiscuous’.

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