legplek, noun

legplekke /ˈlexplekə/, legplekken.
DutchShow more Dutch, leg lying, laying + plek place.
obs. except in historical contexts
1861 P.B. Borcherds Auto-Biog. Mem. 55A suitable resting-place (legplek) in the karoo, with plenty of grass in the season.
1867 Blue Bk for Col. 1866 JJ38About 120 pieces of ground, called legplekken, have been given out for one year for which the parties pay a stamp of £1 for each lot.
1884 Cape Law Jrnl I. 317These loan places were in some cases..granted together with the right to an outstation or ‘leg-plek,’ to which the stock might be moved with the change of seasons...The land situate immediately around the head station, homestead or centre of the loan place, was called the ‘Ordonnantie,’ to distinguish it from the outstation or leg-plek.
1972 L.G. Green When Journey’s Over 59A legplek with plenty of grass in season.
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