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lank, adjective and adverb

AfrikaansShow more Etym unknown; perhaps from Afrikaans lank long (used of both time and proportion).
Used especially by schoolchildren and young adults.
A. adjective
1. [Perhaps related to Afrikaans geld lank money galore, pots of money.] Plenty of, lots of, many. Also demonstrative.
1970 K. Nicol Informant, DurbanI haven’t seen him for lank ages...You need lank practice to become expert in the game.
1992 H. Dugmore in Scope 13 Nov. 46‘She took lank time,’ he says...For five weeks he spent every available moment cutting up hundreds of Scope pin-ups to stick together his unique, all-paper nude.
2. [Perhaps related to Afrikaans lank nie sleg nie not at all bad.] Good, nice, fantastic, etc.
1970 K. Nicol Informant, DurbanThe hotel food was lank (delicious, very enjoyable).
1991 G. Paul Informant, Weltevreden ParkLank. Much used by pre-teens and teenagers = superb/lovely/fantastic/wonderful. My Dad’s got a lank new car.
B. adverb Very.
1987 Informant, GrahamstownI am lank interested in the Hindus.
1993 Informant, GrahamstownThat’s lank rude, hey!
Plenty of, lots of, many. Also demonstrative.
Good, nice, fantastic, etc.

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