koskas, noun

 koskaste, koskasse.
AfrikaansShow more Afrikaans, kos food + kas cupboard.
A low cupboard used in the past for storing food. See also kas sense 1.
1971 Baraitser & Obholzer Cape Country Furn. 261Country koskas with one gauze door...In modern usage, the word koskas refers to small cupboards irrespective of whether they incorporate a method of ventilation or not. There seems to be no doubt that some small cupboards without ventilation were used as koskaste.
1972 Grocott’s Mail 19 Sept. 4 (advt)Yellowwood Kitchen Dresser, Yellowwood Koskasse; a large number of Stinkwood chairs.
1973 M.A. Cook Cape KitchenGlossary, Food Cupboard, Low wooden cupboard usually with two doors in which food was kept. Also known as Koskas.
1974 Weekend Post 27 Oct. 23 (advt)Yellowwood Table; Yellowwood Washstand; Yellowwood Koskas.
1974 S. Afr. Panorama Sept. 38The trestle table and ‘bakkis’ (baking trough), wall shelves and ‘koskaste’ (store cupboards).
1975 S. Afr. Panorama Jan. 15A pine ‘koskas’ (food cupboard).
1980 Rand Daily Mail 4 Dec. (Eve) 12You should be able to pick up a riempie chair, a wakis or a koskas for anything from R75 to about R400.
1987 P. Sullivan in Living June 24Amongst the Africana furniture..is a koskas dated around 1720. Not only is it the most valuable article in the house, but it is the only known example of its kind.
A low cupboard used in the past for storing food.
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