konkel, verb intransitive

To plot or intrigue.
1916 J.M. Orpen Reminisc. (1964) 314They said these men would ‘konkel’ (intrigue) with the natives.
1974 Informant, GrahamstownIt’s much easier to konkel when there isn’t a bright light on you.
To plot or intrigue.
Hence konkeling verbal noun.
1985 J. Malcomess in E. Prov. Herald 20 Mar. 4Quite obviously, there has been a lot of ‘konkeling’. The alternative is that they have gone behind the scenes and used the big stick...I would love to be a fly on the wall when that ‘konkeling’ takes place or when that big stick is wielded. One wonders what is offered.
1994 C.W. Eglin on TV1, 15 Aug.The process [of constitution-making] has also got to be transparent. It mustn’t be seen that there was a bit of konkeling behind closed doors.
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