kolwyntjie, noun

Afrikaans, DutchShow more Afrikaans, adaptation of Dutch kolumbijntje.
1. see quotation 1973.
1973 M.A. Cook Cape Kitchen 58The word ‘kolwyntjie’ is derived from kolumbijntje meaning a small cake or tartlet baked on the day of St. Columbine.
1975 E. Prov. Herald 20 Feb. 18Mr van Tonder and companions entered the shop and that he asked for something which sounded to Mrs Howard like ‘kolwyntjie’.
2. combination
kolwyntjie-pan, a pan with shaped depressions, used to bake kolwyntjies.
1973 M.A. Cook Cape Kitchen 58Tart-pans and kolwyntjie-pans: these are possibly the most typical of all old Cape kitchen utensils, and the most eagerly sought after by collectors.
1974 S. Afr. Panorama Sept. 37There are..wafer and waffle irons, pancake slicers..copper pots and ‘kolwyntjie’ (a small cake) pans, skimmers, mortars and coffee pots with their ‘konfore’ (warming stands).
1987 J. Kench Cottage Furn. 81The Victorians were obsessive inventors of kitchen gadgets...On the local front, these innovations ran parallel to a long-standing tradition of sturdy simplicity, with Cape-style cooking pots in iron or copper,..tart pans and ‘kolwyntjie pans’.
see quotation 1973.
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