khotso, interjection

Southern Sotho
A traditional Sotho greeting, ‘peace’. See also pula interjection.
1934 Friend 2 Mar. (Swart)The High Commissioner then greeted the Natives with the salute, ‘pula’ and ‘khotso’, and back it was chorused by the Basutos.
1953 P. Lanham Blanket Boy’s Moon 17After the Chief’s speech, the tribesmen shout out ‘Pula! Khotsa! Morena!’ — Rain! Peace! Chief!
1968 A. Fulton Dark Side of Mercy 14‘Khotso.’ Together they voiced the customary greeting as Michael dismounted.
1985 S. Afr. Panorama June 6Zion in the Transvaal is a City of Peace. Khotso (Peace) is the traditional greeting.
1988 Pace Mar. 58Here you will be greeted with welcome cries of ‘Khotso — peace be with you’, as you are offered a friendly beaker of joala, the local beer.
1990 T. wa Molakeng in Frontline Dec. 18Sothos are friendly, respectful and peaceful. They greet each other with ‘Khotso’ (Peace), and respond ‘A e ate’ (May it — peace — reign).
1992 R. Nxumalo in Weekly Mail 24 Apr. 21Mandela’s speech was cleverly sprinkled with the ZCC’s axiomatic salutation ‘Khotso’, which means ‘peace unto you’.
A traditional Sotho greeting, ‘peace’.
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