KB, noun

Initial letters of Kaffir beer, used as a euphemism to avoid the offensive word kaffir.
tshwala. Also attributive.
1962 K.M.C. Motsisi in M. Mutloatse Casey & Co. (1978) 47He..made a compromise — to drink only K.B., including the other homemade concoctions which are calculated to make you Nagasaky only after putting as little as a jam tin’s amount under your belt.
1965 Drum Apr. 26Boys have solved the day-to-day financial problems of the parents by buying gallons of KB from the council’s beer hall depots, and selling it to guzzlers.
a1968 D.C. Themba in E. Patel World of Can Themba (1985) 123Simon is a man of sober habits. He has his occasional draught of KB at friendly parties on weekends.
1970 Post 10 May 13We were given samp, porridge, and a pale suggestion of meat. They forgot the KB which would have nicely rounded off these Bantustan games.
1970 H. Kuper Witch in my Heart 70‘KB’ is the so-called ‘Kaffir beer’, the name given to the African beer made from sprouted millet and corn.
1975 S.S. Sepamla in New Classic No.1, 9For the K.B. drinkers in the lounge, there were wooden benches leaning on the walls.
tshwala. Also attributive.
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