jonkmanskas, noun

Also jongmans kas.
jonkmanskaste /ˈjɔŋ(k)manzˌkastə/.
DutchShow more From Dutch jonkman bachelor + linking phoneme or possessive particle -s- + kast cupboard.
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1971 Baraitser & Obholzer Cape Country Furn. p.xiiiJonkmanskas..seems to be a fairly modern name for a smallish clothes cupboard, with about three shelves but not provision for hanging, and a couple of drawers side by side but in variable positions.
1971 Baraitser & Obholzer Cape Country Furn. 193In their fairly late form, Jonkmanskaste are quite plain; they have two upper drawers with round stinkwood knobs, two yellowwood doors and turned Cape-style feet.
1971 L.G. Green Taste of S.-Easter 54The collector may still find the typical stinkwood and yellowwood furniture of the area...the jongmanskas, a clothes-chest of unusual design.
1978 A.P. Brink Rumours of Rain 160The old Cape yellowwood jonkmanskas which I’d changed into a cocktail cabinet.
1981 J. Kench Cape Dutch Homesteads 45Facing each other across the room are..a large beefwood and stinkwood Cape armoire from the Eighteenth Century and..a ‘jongmanskas’ made of yellowwood and stinkwood, a favourite combination in Cape furniture making.
1987 P. Sullivan in Living June 24Some rare discoveries including an eye-catching stinkwood jongmanskas inlaid with yellowwood.
1987 J. Kench Cottage Furn. 40An important local variant on the wardrobe is the ‘jonkmanskas’, which features a drawer or drawers at the top.
1987 J. Kench Cottage Furn. 41Much play was made in the jonkmanskas with contrasting woods, the dark stinkwood knobs on drawers and doors setting off the sheen of the yellowwood.
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