Joeys, noun

Also Joey’s, Jo’ies.
Shortened form of Johannesburg.
Jo’burg. Also attributive.
1972 P. O’Byrne on Radio South Africa 27 Mar.You come from Brakkies? We always tend to expect our contestants to come from Joeys.
1973 J. Cope Alley Cat 162‘Well — so where’ve you fallen from, kid?’ ‘Joeys.’ ‘Johannesburg?’
1975 Darling 12 Mar. 4 (letter)The reason you dont’ dig Bloss is ’cos yous never been to Joey’s and heard the Sowthefrican Inglishe as it should not be spoke!
1978 Sunday Times 5 Nov. (Mag. Sect.) 17He was 37 when his break came, but the Joeys boy had been singing since he was a teenager.
1983 Frontline Feb. 12So please, my china. I had a hard ride from Joeys and I got no chick to dance with so howzit for like a small loan of your old lady?
1984 Frontline Feb. 26Apartheid in CA [Cape Town] is even more of a gemors and a generally lost cause than in Joeys.
1991 Flying Springbok May 168The spread of decent Chinese restaurants in Johannesburg is being tentatively followed in our other large cities. In Joeys, you can find traditional Cantonese rooms, one or two kitchens serving Pekingese dishes.
1991 H.P. Toffoli in Style Nov. 90Brian W—..was rooting for Joeys...‘Johannesburg has a lot of interesting women.’
Jo’burg. Also attributive.
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