jerrymunglum, noun

c1939 S.H. Skaife S. Afr. Nature Notes 81Everybody will agree that the creatures known variously as jerrymunglums, haarskeerders, jag-spinnekoppe, or romans are among the most repulsive of all living creatures...Jerrymunglums is a delightful name...Its origin is obscure; perhaps it was coined by someone with a sense of humour and has stuck because of its aptness.
1955 S.H. Skaife Dwellers in Darkness 88Larger ones (sc. sun spiders) are common in Egypt and the Near East and troops became familiar with these during the two world wars and it was they, apparently, who gave them their quaint but apt name of ‘jerrymunglums’.
1993 D. Van der Horst Informant, Cape TownWe used to call those huge spiders ‘jerrymunglums’ in the army.

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