influx, noun

In historical contexts. rare. Elliptical for influx control. Also attributive.
1971 Drum Mar. 68What worries me is that I do not qualify to be in Johannesburg as I was born in Durban. Does influx also apply in marriage?
1971 Drum May 50Helping men and women who fall foul of the pass and influx laws.
1971 Argus 4 June 12These patient, long-suffering victims of our pernicious influx system.
1971 Rand Daily Mail 9 June 1The government is planning to introduce a new system of dealing with influx and pass law offenders.
1973 Drum 22 Jan. 18Yet another victim of the Influx laws.
Elliptical for influx control. Also attributive.
Hence (nonce) influx transitive verb, to give permission (to a black person) to stay in an urban area.
1982 D. Tutu Voice of One 90The growing frustration with unemployment, the long queues to get ‘influxed’.
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