indlunkulu, noun

indhlunkulu, intunkuluShow more Also indhlunkulu, intunkulu, ndlunkulu.
ZuluShow more Zulu, literally ‘great (or big) house’, ‘great (or big) hut’.
great hut, see great.
1891 Law 19 in Stat. of Natal (1901) II. (Native Law) 13The word ‘Indhlunkulu’ (the great house) denotes the chief house in a kraal.
1885 H. Rider Haggard King Solomon’s Mines (1972) 201Behind this again were the Emposeni, the place of the king’s women, the guard house, the labyrinth, and the Intunkulu, the house of the king.
1960 J.J.L. Sisson S. Afr. Judicial Dict.Indhlunkulu, a native term signifying the great house.
1962 W.D. Hammond-Tooke Bhaca Soc. 38If the husband is away from home for any reason all the wives are supposed to sleep together in one hut, usually in the indlunkulu (great hut).
1976, 1978 [see great hut great].
great hut, see great.
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